My projects

While work keeps me quite busy, I like to explore other languages to keep my mind sharp and ready for the next challenge. Over the years I've also published some of those projects, and they are still active.

A project I started using vanilla javascript, but that soon after was moved to, as using a dedicated library improved dev time, but most importantly, game performance!

It has been put in the back burner a bit, as other projects are taking precedence, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be returning to this soon. In the meantime, why not have a go at the game? Or have a look at the tutorial video next to the text.

SimRacingManager is an online platform to manage virtual championships in the sim racing community.

It started as a project for my own racing community, so we could keep track of all the races we have completed over the years, as well as get access to a myriad of statistics. Eventually I made the platform available for anyone to use, and is now in use by a few fellow sim racers.


With so many prospect employers asking for experience with specific frontend libraries, I had to pick one as the first one to get acquainted with.

I went with ReactJS, and put together an example as my first contact with the language. Source code is also available on GitHub.

The plan is to make it into a quick incremental game.

vHUD started as a UWP application written in C# to work as a telemetry app for Project Cars (and later Project Cars 2). It was my first time using the language, but the similarity with other languages made it easy to pick up. It was a challenging project, as I also needed to get and read network packets, transform that data into usable structures (which in C# is straighfoward) and make something with the data (which the video illustrates).

Eventually I migrated the app to Android, using Cordova, as at the time I was also considering releasing to iOS (it never happened however), and Cordova would allow me to use the same codebase.

Instead it was also adapted to work with F1 2016, and works with all F1 games since up to 2019.