Who is Óscar?

Kindly look around to find out


So who am I?

I'm a programmer with over 10 years of experience as a web developer, using PHP, CodeIgniter, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, mySQL, apache hosting and management, to name a few.

However my toolset is not limited to the above. I am indeed a fast learner and adapt quickly to new languages and frameworks - and these are not just buzzwords.

  • This website was built using Laravel 7 and Bootstrap 4 for the presentation in about 10 hours (which includes a simple CMS backend). Previous experience with Laravel? Zero.
  • The UWP app vHUD, written in C#, with things like custom views, network packet reading, upload of data to a remote server, took about 15 hours for the initial release. Previous experience with C#? Zero.

But the previous experience in other languages, as well as my informatics engineering background allows me to understand a new language / framework in a timely manner and, with time, become proficient on it.